Anolon Nouvelle 3QT Copper Covered Casserole Reviews

This pan is constructed from Hard-Anodized Aluminum which is twice as hard as stainless steel and is very popular for it’s wonderful heat distribution. This casserole is non-stick and features the restaurant tested Autograph 2 Nonstick Interior.

Visual Impressions:
The first thing noticeable while un-boxing this piece of cookware is the top class stainless steel cookware handle and the elegant deep seated stainless steel lid. The stainless additions provide a very eye pleasing accent to the pan. As we proceeded to unwrap we were just as impressed with the look of the rest of the casserole pan. Not only does the the design of this casserole make it look beautiful it also provides for extended functionality.

Design and Construction:
While holding this Anolon cookware in our hands we could instantly feel the high quality of craftsmanship that went into creating this cookware. The casserole feels very sturdy due to the Hard-Anodized construction, flush riveted stainless steel handles and heavy weighted bottom.

This Anolon Casserole features a unique “Double Full Cap Base” that is crafted with heat conductive copper. This base provides a layer of aluminum encapsulated with copper followed by more aluminum and then capped with impact bonded stainless steel. The unique base featured on this casserole makes this piece of cookware very versatile and compatible with most cooking surfaces.

The deep seated stainless steel lid is designed for fitting securely to the pan which helps to lock in flavor and nutrients. The lid features a refined raised handle to offer extra clearance for safer more comfortable lifting.

The stainless steel handles are connected to the body of the pan using rivets so that they will stay secure and not become loose and wobbly. This pan features a new flush riveting style which means the rivets that connect the handles are flush on the interior of the casserole. The flush rivets keep ingredients from getting stuck on the rivets while cooking. While cooking on the stove top the outside edges of the handles get pretty warm but are still touchable, as you move closer to the pan they get very hot and untouchable.

Use and Utensils:
This Anolon pan is compatible with good quality Induction Cooktops, Solid Plate Cooktops, Ceramic Cooktops, Gas Cooktops, Radiant Ring Cooktops and Halogen Cooktops. It is also oven safe up to 500 degrees. The fact that this piece of cookware is compatible with so many cooking surfaces is nice bonus because it means if you upgrade to a different cooktop there will be no need to get a new casserole pan. This pan will most likely work with what ever stovetop technology you choose to go with.

We do not recommend using metal utensils with this pan because scratching its surface will permanently damage the pan. Wooden or Nylon utensils would be our suggestion when cooking with this casserole pan.

How does it Perform?:
To test this casserole pan we chose to cook Cajun Style Cubed Steak With Spiced White Sauce. This recipe allowed us to test how this versatile cookware performed on the stove top and in the oven.

The stove top preparation took place on a ceramic stove top using medium to medium-high heat. Our first step in preparation was to sear the meat using low-high heat however, because of the thickness of the casserole bottom we had to use medium-high heat. The fact that we had to use a higher heat than normal to sear didn’t cause too much of a bother. Due to the size of the pan we were only able to sear one piece of meat at a time but the searing went very well overall and the pan heated very evenly. After searing we made the spiced white sauce by cooking and simmering various ingredients on medium heat. The sauce preparation went very well and the even heat distribution combined with the non-stick interior of the pan made it easy to create a creamy sauce that didn’t stick to the bottom.

When the sauce was ready, we added the meat to the sauce. We then covered the casserole pan with the lid and placed the covered dish in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes on the middle rack. The pan performed very well in the oven and it took the estimated time to finish cooking this dish in the oven. The high sides of the pan made the size of the pan less hindering when it came to the oven cooking step of the recipe. When placing the dish in the oven to finish, we were able to place six steaks with the sauce in the casserole pan.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
We do not recommend washing this cookware in the dishwasher, harsh chemicals like dishwasher detergents can cause damage to the hard anodized surface. Also, be sure that you do not use oven cleaners, steel wool, harsh detergents or any cleansers containing chlorine bleach in the cleaning of this cookware. To clean up after cooking we simply used some warm water and a paper towel however just a paper towel would probably have done the trick. The flush riveting style makes cleanup a much easier task because food doesn’t get stuck around the rivets while cooking.

Final Thoughts

If we could complain about anything: (Nothing in this list would keep us from buying this pan)

* We would have to say we may like to see a slightly heavier lid however the lid didn’t cause us any problems while testing.
* The size could hinder you if you are cooking for a larger group of people but you would obviously choose a larger piece of cookware if doing so. This is a great size for a small to medium amount of servings depending on what you are preparing.
* The bottom takes a little longer to heat up and you may have to use a higher temperature setting

What we liked about this pan:

* We were really happy with the Autograph 2 Nonstick interior, it lived up to it’s reputation and performed wonderfully for food release and made cleaning really simple and quick.
* The innovative bottom provided great heat distribution and with the way it’s made there shouldn’t be any worries of warping.
* The wide arrangement of cooking styles you can use combined with the large compatibility with cooking technologies makes this piece of cookware very versatile.
* The construction of this cookware is superb and should allow this cookware to last for many years.
* The pan looks great, it might not be something you want to display like a stainless steel or fully copper item however it is definitely easy on the eyes.

This 3Qt Casserole Pan performed very well and we would definitely recommend it to those who are looking for something in the high medium price range. The versatility of the pan really helps any price justification because it is capable of being used in so many ways on the stove top and in the oven. It is also very nice to have cookware that is compatible with so many cooking surfaces.

Warranty and Care Information:

The Lifetime Limited Warranty guarantees your cookware to be free from defects in materials. Meyer Corporation promises the original purchaser to replace any defective part or item during the guarantee period. Scratches, stains, discoloration or overheating are not covered by this warranty. For warranty replacement be sure to include a short note containing your name, address, daytime phone number and description of the problem you are experiencing along with the defective cookware.