Benefits of Using Titanium Cookware

Except for those who take cooking really seriously, most people have not used or are not considering purchasing titanium cookware. Aside from the higher price tag, another reason for this is that they don’t really care much about the type of cookware that they have in their homes. Sure, each cookware material has its own unique features that can spell the difference between a totally blah meal and a truly mouthwatering, gourmet fare, but most of us do not know the pros and cons that each cookware type brings. Usually, most people think of aluminum and good stainless steel pots and pans when they go shopping for cookware.

Thanks to the immense popularity of cooking shows and celebrity chefs, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using titanium cookware. Titanium is a great material for cookware because of its remarkable durability and strength, the reason why it is used in building aeronautical equipment.

It is true that titanium cookware costs more than the other types such as copper and aluminum, but you will definitely get your money’s worth when you purchase those sleek and durable titanium pots and pans. Here are some reasons why:

Healthy cooking is more possible with titanium cookware

Because of the non-stick feature of titanium, you don’t need to use lots of water or oil when cooking. For health-conscious individuals who shudder at the very idea of fats clinging to their meals, this is certainly a blessing. The less oil or butter you use in cooking, the fewer calories you will consume.

Titanium cookware is low maintenance

It is every cook’s nightmare to have to scrub stubborn grease off his beloved pots and pans. For common cookware materials, you will need a wide range of cleaning agents to remove dirt and grease off the cookware. This is not the case with titanium pots and pans, because of its consistent non-stick quality compared to top quality nonstick cookware. You just need to rinse and let dry. It’s easy as that.

Its durability means you don’t have to buy another set of cookware anytime soon

So what if you have to plunk down more cash than usual for a set of titanium cookware? This set will definitely last longer than other types of cookware, which makes the extra dollars so worth it. This metal has high resistance to scratches and dents that usually make pots and pans look older and heavily used. Think of titanium cookware as an investment.

Shorter cooking time

Cooking in titanium pots and pans is faster compared to other cookware types because of the metal’s fast-heating quality. You don’t have to slave for long hours on the stove when you use titanium cookware.

It is actually less hazardous to your health

A lot of people are not aware that some metal types are dangerous when mixed with food. Some consumer groups advise against using aluminum and stainless steel cookware because of the health hazards they present once the metals get inside the body. Titanium is considered as non-toxic material and is definitely safe for cooking.