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Are you looking for an air fryer, but not sure which one to choose? It definitely is going to be a bit tough – sorting out the sizes, models, and brands can you leave confused. Well, the right information is all that you need to zero in on the biggest air fryer.

We have structured this review to give you all the information that is required to identify one suits your needs. Let your choice be driven by your needs and by information; what suits your friend need not necessarily be suitable for your needs. It’s time to roll on with crisp information before a comparison of best sellers.

Quick Glance Of Specs

largest air fryer

     ★ Premium Choice ★       

Philips Airfryer XXL

best large capacity air fryer


Instantly Hot

3lb/4qt capacity

     ★ Best Overall ★       

NuWave Brio 10 Quart

best large air fryer

Retractable Vent

Moisture Control

100 to 400 F Temp

     ★ Best Value ★       

GoWise USA 12.7 Quart

best air fryer for large family


Built-in Rotisserie

Includes 10 Accessories

Top 5 Biggest Air Fryer Reviews

Let’s look at the comparison of different models. For your convenience we are profiling the top models of different capacities. This will help you to check out those that meet your requirements.

large capacity air fryer

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

large air fryer

1. Philips Premium Airfryer XXL

The brand needs no introduction – it is synonymous with superior quality and innovative features. If quality is a priority, then you would certainly not look at the price tag – right?

This belongs to the premium category of air fryers and comes with the distinction of being the only model that offers fat removal.

This is a versatile model that you can use to cook for 6 adults. The advantage of the Twin TurboStar technology is the fat removal and high speed cooking.

This technology creates an airflow that circulates heat throughout, reducing the need for oil by almost 90%. Unique fat reducer tray collects the excess fat extracted from the food.

This is dishwasher safe, which means that cleaning is a song. The multipurpose model means that you can virtually complete most of your cooking requirements with this model.

The controls are not complicated, which means that you can quickly master it and use it conveniently. Individuals in homes with cramped/small kitchens will love this because it does not heat up the kitchen, despite generating enough heat inside.

Specifications That Matter

What could have made this a better model?

Two aspects could have made this a better model. First, the size – maybe a 6 quart model would have made it easier for bulk cooking. Second, touchscreen controls would have amplified the features for greater convenience.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

big air fryer

2. Gourmia 6 Quart Stainless Steel AirFryer

This model stands out for the stainless steel structure, the digital controls and the capacity. If you need a large air fryer that is easy to maintain, with different presets for quick cooking through touchscreen digital controls, then this is the one you need in your kitchen.

This air fryer is unique with its SS body, that can easily cook for large families. It comes with radivection 360 degree technology which circulates the heated air quickly and evenly.

This means that your food is fried crisp without the need for adding oil. The eight presets make your job a lot more easy – just select an option to cook as you wish or flexibly time it at a particular heat setting for your favorite recipe.

Cleaning and maintenance will never be a problem – the baskets are non-stick and durable, which means that you get full bang for your money. The neat square design gives you optimized space inside, while permitting you to swiftly clean the air fryer.

Specifications That Matter

What could have made this a better model?

This is a bit loud, and this could sometimes bother the user. Additionally, in some models the trays reportedly do not engage fully when slid inside – some force needs to be used when loading the trays. This needs to be checked on receiving deliveries.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

biggest air fryer

3. PowerXL AirFryer Vortex

This model comes with features that match the large size of 7 quarts. The pre-heat time is one of the fastest in the category – this means that your cooking starts and completes real fast.

If you need a large air fryer that gives your preparations the golden brown that comes with traditional frying, then PowerXL should be a good choice.

With this air fryer you will find it easier to start and complete your cooking faster. It gets ready quickly for you to prepare your dishes, giving you the convenience of presets – steak, fish, pork chops, veggies, chicken and pizza.

If you’d rather prefer setting the temperature and the timing yourself, the flexible settings give you completed control.

The fryer basket is big, which means that you can pack in quite a lot, without compromising on the browning capability of 1700 watt fryer. Cleaning is easy, aided by the non-stick coating that helps to quickly eliminate mess and odor in the fryer.

Specifications That Matter

What could have made this a better model?

The basket size seems to be a problem, as it apparently does not fit in smoothly, after it is taken out during cooking. The baking and broiling properties are not exactly the best here, though it does achieve better results without the preset settings.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

large capacity air fryer

4. NuWave Brio 10 Quart

For those who want really large airfryers, then this is something that would meet your requirements in style. The 10 quart capacity is something that gives you the freedom to complete the bulk cooking requirements.

The design is slightly different, with top loading options, and the LC panel gives you one touch operation for frequently used temperature settings/controls.

Looking for a large air fryer that gives you complete freedom to roast? Need one with simplified, easy to use one-touch buttons?

This one could be a good choice – the LCD panel atop the fryer givers you complete control over what you want to do, while the large capacity means that the rotisserie option makes sense.

It cooks fast, despite the comparatively lesser wattage, which also means that your kitchen is not going to heat up fast. Higher wattage models may sometimes build up kitchen temperature if space is less.

Specifications That Matter

What could have made this a better model?

The top lid design, though intended for ease of use, can sometimes make it a bit challenging – you need to coordinate your hand actions of closing the lid and pulling the pin. The mesh basket quality could have been a lot better with non-stick.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

what is the largest air fryer

5. GoWise USA 12.7 Quart

The biggest among the five featured here, this is the ideal multitasking model. The three piece air fryer lets you put in different things to cook at the same time.

This is largely possible due to the 12.7 quart capacity, and simple uncomplicated design.

If your search is focused on a large air fryer, then this has got to be on your shortlist. 12.7 quarts and 3 trays in a simplistic design makes it easy for you to cook as you wish.

The stainless steel interior, the detachable trays and faster air circulation ensures that you get to cook faster. This would qualify as the best option when it comes to an air fryer as a rotisserie and dehydrator.

With this model, you can cook for 10 people easily without having to run the fryer multiple times. The build quality is good, and so are the control options that give complete flexibility when preparing food.

Specifications That Matter

What could have made this a better model?

The door is on a hinge, which means that if it is not handled properly, it will hang loose or bang itself on the surface. Preheating could do with a little bit of tweaking to improve the speed with which the temperature builds up.

How Big of an Air Fryer Do I Need

First, let start off with the different sizes of air fryers available in the market.

Small Air Fryers

1 to 2 quarts

Large Air Fryers

3 to 5.8 quarts

Extra Large Air Fryers

6.5 to 16 quarts

These are the broad size categories of air fryers in the market. Are you sure of the right size for your needs? If you need a little more help to look at these sizes from a user perspective, here’s additional information.

Small Air Fryers: Suitable for needs of an individual

Large Air Fryers: Suitable for small families

Extra Large Air Fryers: Suitable for large families/volume requirements

This size comparison is for typical scenarios. For instance, if you are a small family of around 4 members, you may get the idea that a large air fryer would suffice. However, the size has a lot to do with the kind of food you put into the fryer.

Imagine the amount of space that is required for putting in a steak, when you have to cook for four people.

Now, imagine the amount of space required for other dishes – fish fry, or veggies. Obviously you see the point – it’s quite clear that the space required will depend on what you intend to cook.

Large Capacity Air Fryers

How to Choose Biggest Air Fryer According To Their Specifications


When you buy online, chances are that you may pick one that has been manufactured overseas, or models may have been made for specific locations.

Check to see if the wattage matches with what you have in your typical kitchen outlet.

While it is true that standardization has made electrical appliances universal, it pays to check. Better to check, rather than regretting later.


There are various settings that you will use when you cook. For instance, models come with presets that allow you to choose a setting – just select a pre-programmed option and your preparation is underway.

Controls also include the need for flexible temperature settings with indicator lights and timers to help you multitask.

Air Fryer Reviews

Additional features (value addition)

This is where some of the models will outscore the majority of air fryers available in the market. For instance air fryers with rotating baskets ensure that your food is fully rotated inside.


As mentioned above, the capacity of your air fryer is as important as the other specifications. Obviously you do not want to be cooking in batches because you have a smaller one. On a different note, if your counter top does not have sufficient space, then you need to make suitable arrangements to accommodate the chosen model.

Remember a few specs cannot be traded off for other features. For instance, you cannot compromise on the controls and the capacity of the air fryer, they need to meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to zero in on a suitable model?

Do not make the mistake of taking one because it is rated high. Undoubtedly, the product may be good as rated, but is it the one you want? Will it meet your requirements? Ideally, you need to look at a model depending on your identified needs. For instance, look at these questions and answers to understand what type of model you need to choose.

2. Do you intend to use it frequently, for routine preparation?

You need one that has simple and easy to use controls, with faster cooking/preheating. A model with good enough wattage and faster air circulation is a good choice.

3. Do you plan to roast a lot?

You need one that works as a rotisserie better, with ample space, for best results.

4. Are you extremely health conscious?

You need one that removes fat or uses lesser quantity of oil. The better the heated air circulation in a model, the better will be the outcome.

5. Is your kitchen cramped and hot?

Cooking is a routine activity. If your kitchen is cramped, you will find it difficult to cope with heat generation. Choose a model that does not give out too much of heat.

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