Calphalon DS9DC Reviews

My friend, who’s getting married, put the Calphalon DS9DC Commercial nine-piece quality hard-anodized cookware set on her registry. I investigated this cookware set and came to the conclusion I not only should buy it for her, but I should also buy for myself. Here’s why.

The Calphalon DS9DC set contains everything most cooks will need for everyday cooking. In the set are a two and a half-quart covered shallow saucepan; eight-, ten-, and twelve-inch open skillets; three- and seven-quart covered chef’s casseroles. That’s everything needed to make breakfast eggs and pancakes, cook a pot roast and soup and make the side dishes of vegetables and rice or potatoes. The pieces are made of heavy-gauge, aluminum that’s hard anodized, which provides fast and even heating. Hard-anodized means the aluminum that comprises the cookware was treated to produce aluminum oxide at the surface. This makes the metal twice as hard as stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and won’t oxidize any further. The riveted stainless-steel handles stay cool, even during stovetop cooking. Be advised that the lid handles tend to get hot during cooking. The casserole lids are domed, a shape that retains moisture so the food won’t dry out during cooking. The set has a handsome professional look to it, as a bonus feature.

Calphalon DS9DC Customer Reviews

Care for the Calphalon DS9DC set is so easy. Merely wash by hand with a scrub sponge to clean it; machine-washing, in fact, is not recommended. If more vigorous cleaning is needed, Calphalon recommends using Comet or Ajax with the scrub sponge. I have needed nothing more than Bon Ami and the sponge if I accidentally burned something in a pot. The set doesn’t need special utensils; it’s safe to use with metal stirring spoons and spatulas. If you’re cooking a dish that needs finishing in the oven or broiler, you don’t have to worry; this set is safe to use at oven and broiler temperatures. It comes with a lifetime warranty. I’m not the only person in love with the Calphalon DS9DC cookware set. Read what another happy cook wrote about it on

“I LOVE these pans! I have now converted nearly all of my cookware to this line, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a better cook.”

Someone else wrote the following:

“I have been using these pots/pans almost every day for the past two years. I cook terrific bacon on the twelve-inch pan. Its generous size is perfect for the length of four strips of bacon every morning. The ten-inch pan is great for anything, especially two to four burger patties.”

Finally, this comment should convince even the most skeptical among you: “I am a professional chef. I’ve used countless different brands of commercial and home use equipment. I can say that Calphalon is hands down the best brand of cookware in my home. The weight of the pan, the thickness of it, the construction, the lids are all made with quality in mind. Now, I wouldn’t dream of bringing my home pans into the restaurant to put into service, but I would love to have this line to use.”

No cookware set is perfect, and the Calphalon DS9DC set has its share of shortcomings. If you’re used to non-stick type cookware, such as those with Teflon, be advised that this set doesn’t have a non-stick coating. You may have to adjust the way you cook. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about anything released from the non-stick coating into the air or the food you eat. Another drawback is that if you’re used to washing your pots and pans in the dishwasher, the Calphalon DS9DC set is not dishwasher-safe. I was worried about scratching the insides when stacking them in my cupboard, so I always put a paper towel between them. You’d probably be wise to do the same; the manufacturer advises not stacking the cookware, but when you have limited storage space, you have to use all your space as best you can. The skillets don’t come with their lids, so plan your cooking accordingly.