Can You Air Fry Without Oil – Updated 2021

To enjoy a healthy life, it is important that you keep yourself away from unhealthy foods, particularly fried foods, like french fries. The good news is, all these fried foods can be enjoyed without the need of using oil. Air fryer will let you fry food to crisp with zero to a little oil required.

What You Need To Know About Air Fryers

Unless you know its functions, you would never consider having one. They come in different capacity, functionality, sizes and brands. All these differences impact the wide range of price options to consider. There are some that are cheap while there are some that are too expensive.

The decision is up to you, but so you know more about air fryers, read below:

  • Pre heat it.

It is best if you set the air fryer to the right temperature before using it. Instructions are given by the manufacturers, hence best to follow if you want to get the most out of your cooking.

  • Never overcrowd your pan.

One of the reasons why air fryer is not cooking your food evenly is it is overcrowded. Others do this to save electricity but unfortunately, instead of having an appetizing food, it ends up the other way round. Give your food enough space to breath and be cooked nicely.

can you air fry without oil

  • Make sure it is well ventilated.

Just like any appliance with powerful motors, air fryers should be well ventilated so it will work to its best condition for a long period of time.

  • Make sure to clean it right after use.

Just like to ordinary pans, cleaning the air fryer’s basket after use is necessary. You would not want any leftover crumbs be cooked together with your chicken. Leftovers may cause your food to burn.

  • Do not use too much oil or less oil.

Generally speaking, you can cook your food in an air fryer without oil. But, if you want your food crispier, you can spray a little oil. Too much oil and even lesser oil can impact the overall satisfaction you can get from cooking in an air fryer.

What Can You Use Air Fryers For?

This is actually dependent on the brand of air fryer you purchase. Some air fryer can let you fry hotdogs, chicken strips, vegetables, fish and pork with no oil requirement, while others are only limited to frying fries.

There are some air fryers that can let you bake cakes, make pizza and more. To maximize what your air fryer can do, make sure to do your homework first and know more about the product. This you can do by reading online reviews and asking people around who have an air fryer.

There are many factors to consider when buying air fryers, and to name some of them, read below:

  • Cost: As previously discussed air fryers come in different prices. Here is a thing you have to keep in mind, not because the air fryer is more expensive, it means that it can function better than its counterparts.

  • Functionality: Air fryer is not just about frying foods without oil, it has other capabilities that you might have thought is not possible in just one cooking equipment.

  • Features: You may also want to consider features like ease of cleaning and maintenance, t\2 tier cooking options etc.

  • Warranty: If you want to enjoy using the appliance for a long time, consider warranty.

do you put oil in an air fryer

Final Verdict

Everything has been discussed, now going back to the question, can you air fry without oil?, the simple answer to that is yes, but using a bit amount of oil depending on your preference is also possible.

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