How to Protect Glass Top Stove from Cast Iron

While using cast iron cookware on the glass top, one needs to be extra careful and attentive as it can scratch or scrape the shiny glass top of the stove. What if most of your cookware is of cast iron?

Will you throw it in the trash or replace with other forms of cookware. Just because you have new, shiny, lustrous, and modern-looking glass stove, it doesn’t mean you need to change your cookware.

Instead, you should be well-acquainted with the know-how of handling cast-iron cookware on the glass top stove. Below are some of the practices that you should incorporate if you want to protect your glass top stove from cast iron. Have a look.

can you use cast iron on a glass top stove

Use Cast Iron Cookware With A Flat And Smooth Base

While placing the cast iron cookware on the glass top stove ensure that its bottom must be smooth devoid of any bumps or uneven edges. There should be no chips or cracks in the cookware.

In addition to this, your pots and pan must have a flat base to ensure the uniform distribution of heat. It is recommended to use porcelain-coated cast iron as it prevents the scratch on the surface.

cast iron on glass top stove

Clean The Cookware Thoroughly Before Using It

Before you begin cooking the food in the cast iron, it is quintessential to wash it thoroughly using a dishwasher. This is required to get rid of residue or any leftover food stuck at the bottom of the pan.

If it is not removed, it can result in carbonization while coming in contact with the heat, therefore leaving black marks on the glass top. Thus, get it cleaned immediately after cooking.

Be Cautious While Lifting The Cookware

Cookware made up of cast iron is heavier than other forms of cookware. Filling it with liquid or any semi-solid food adds to this weight. Therefore, one needs to be extra careful while lifting it. If by chance it is dropped or gets slide, it can cause cracks on the glass top.

Use A Heat Diffuser

Designed to diffuse the heat and distribute it throughout the bottom surface of a pan, heat diffuser is one of the proven and effective ways to prevent damage from being caused on the glass top.

It acts as a medium between the bottom of your cast iron cookware and the surface of the stove.

cast iron on glass top

Thus, it proves ideal for protecting your glass stove top from the heaviness and rough surface of the cookware. Its usage doesn’t come with a long manual. All you need is to place the flat edge of the diffuser on the stove so that it has fewer chances of beings shifted.

Put your cookware in the centre of the diffuser so that it gets uniform heat. Now, cook your food on a medium flame, as the high flame poses a high risk to the stove.

Make sure to engage yourself in the habit of cleaning diffuser each time you are done with the cooking. This will ensure the longevity of the diffuser.

Use Correct Dimensions Cookware

Your cast iron cookware must neither be too small nor too big. The pot and pans must be just one centimetre larger than the burner of the stove, else the heat will fail to spread evenly across the bottom of the surface thus taking too much time to get the food cooked.

Wipe Off The Spills As Soon As Possible

While cooking, if the spill happens, take no time to wipe it. Cleaning it on the spot will therefore prevent your glass top of the stove from burning and unnecessary damages.


Don’t be afraid of using your cast iron cookware on the glass top stove. All you just need is to follow some important guidelines and engage in daily practices to protect the glass stove from being exposed to any sort of damage. Keeping the aforementioned directions in mind will greatly assist you and keep you safe.


Does Heat Diffuser Really Work Well In Protecting Your Glass Top Of The Stove From Cast Iron Cookware?

Heat diffuser acts a safety net between the bottom surface of your cast iron pots and pans and the surface of the stove. Unquestionably, it avoids damage of the cast iron cookware from being put on your glass top stove. Use it and runaway the risk of scratching the stove surface with your cast iron pan.

How can I clean The Stubborn Marks On The Glass Top?

While using cast iron cookware, if you get stubborn marks on the glass top, the best way to get rid of it is to use a solution of warm water and vinegar. Now, you can use the razor blade to brush the food residue. After that wipe it with a clean cloth.

Why Cast Iron Is Risky To Use On A Glass Top Stove?

Most of the cast iron cookware is heavier than other types of cookware. It comes with the rounded and rough bottom surface. The rough finish can cause scratches on the glass top and the rounded bottom can result in uneven distribution of heat. Thus, it is said that cast iron cookware comes with a high risk. Still, if you have a majority of pots and pans made up of cast iron, ensure that it has a flat and smooth surface.

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