Circulon Infinite Hard Anodised Cookware 5-piece Set Reviews

Flat screen televisions are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in households across the country. Arguably more famous is the increasing number of cooking shows popping up on every channel. Chefs, blessed with the proverbial ‘gift of the gab’ in studio-adapted well-lit kitchens, stirring, chopping and slicing repeatedly. The foundation for all the mouth-watering exotic meals being cooked though is the set of cookware in use. My mom used to say “No matter how good a cook you are, using inappropriate pots and pans can make your task twice as hard” (Or something to that tune anyways).

So when the time came to replace our faithful-but-aged pots and pans, the Circulon Infinite Hard Anodised 5-Piece Cookware set seemed like an obvious option. However, I owed it to myself and my family to see if it’s worth the outlay. What follows are some of the questions arising from my early misgivings, coupled with all I learned from my research.

Circulon Infinite Cookware – Questions.

I had three main questions… Well actually I had more than three, but these three were the most important questions I had.

What cookware do chefs use?

What are the benefits of using the Circulon Infinite Hard Anodised Cookware set?

And more importantly, do anodize cookware and glass cooktops go together?

Circulon Infinite Cookware – Features and benefits.

While I’m still on a quest to find out other well-known celebrity chefs that use Circulon Infinite Hard Anodised Cookware set. I was surprised to see that they are the ‘pots-of-choice’ for the renowned chef and television favorite Jean-Christophe Novelli.

Seven reasons why I love Circulon Infinite Hard Anodised Cookware 5-piece set

Primarily I was glad to hear that all the pieces were dishwasher safe, I hate cleaning up after a meal so at least using this cookware guarantees the clean-up process to be a doodle. It’s a stylish piece of work, almost has me thinking I need a new kitchen now just to keep up :). In some ways, it’s fair to say it’s made for people to enjoy the beauty as well as the performance.

Without mincing words, I would describe the Circulon Infinite Cookware is like the Bugatti Veyron of supercars! Probably the most advanced set of pots in the market today.

Their geeky set of scientists (beer goggle glasses and all!!) came up with a revolutionary pot and pan base, which can be used on the atypical induction cook-top and glass cook-tops alike.

One problem I’ve repeatedly had with pots is watching it cook around the edge, making me constantly mix to ensure even heat. The Circulon Infinite Cookware set remedies this problem effortlessly, with its even distribution of heat across the pot’s inner surface.

The icing on the cake for me is that asides from the non-stick interior coating, the pots exterior is also non-stick! Best of both worlds in my books. No chance of these pots being scratched or bruised like my current set.

The fact that they were oven-safe and could withstand temperatures of up to 240C/475F wasn’t a deal breaker for me to be honest. I know for some people it’s a need-to-have, but for me, it’s a nice-to-have.

Pity, all my siblings, are married because this would make a great wedding present for a couple.

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