Eggies Egg Cooker Reviews

The Eggies Egg Cooker is a valuable system for people that enjoy eggs but don’t like a headache. Everybody knows that peeling your hard boiled egg can be a chore. Spend endless wasted minutes in front of the kitchen sink peeling and wasting eggs.

Eggies Egg Cooker

Eggs come at a fair price, and sometimes people do not want to waste eggs. Waste materials can go well in the garden as compost, but customers would rather spend their time eating eggs, instead of throwing them away.

Before popularly people may have misinterpreted the use of our Eggies Egg Cooker system, and can be rediscovered as a great system. Find users lost for the directions, and that is a shame because the Eggies Egg Cooker system is not hard to operate at all.

Users have piled on a small amount of badly written reviews, and it doesn’t take that much to figure out the sleek and good use of the Eggies Egg Cooker system. The operation is quite simple, and is as uncomplicated as boiling potatoes. Boiling your egg content has never been easier, and keep your hands scorched free with this wonderful egg boiling automation gadget for the home.

People may find it easy to get burned while reaching in and handling boiled eggs, special utensils can be bought for handling boiled eggs, and this is one of them. The Proper operation includes understanding to crack your egg at the beginning of the process, and pour your egg into the clever designer molds.

The Eggies Egg system plastic molds go into the boiling water, and you separate the ingenious system to reveal later a hard boiled egg. Easily cook 6 to a dozen eggs all at one time, and spend no time above the kitchen sink peeling away at your deposit of hard boiled eggs.

Eggies Egg Cooker Pros:

Easy to use.

Poor in egg into easy designer molds that go into boiling water.

Separate boiled molds in a few minutes and reveal perfect boiled eggs.

No hard boiled egg peeling.


Cons :

Not properly explained.

Operating reviews have been poorly written.

Not enough in use.

For a low price, the Eggies Egg Cooker system has been offered for purchase to the general public market. This system can and should be used to give customers a small store able way to efficiently cook hard boiled eggs. Hard boiled egg operation and cooking times have been reduced, and you can easily find this tool around the kitchen.

Keep this tool stored in small enough compartments around the kitchen to hide it from traffic. Take it with you on camping trips and outdoor events. Tailgate parties can enjoy deviled eggs on the go because there is no peeling, and this tool is small enough to throw in the cooler.

Lightweight enough to hang on the wall or stored on high shelves. Fits above the refrigerator between walls and ceilings. A small enough egg boiling tool is something you can enjoy stores in a motorcycle compartment or handbag. Throw this system in a backpack and enjoy hard boiled eggs while hiking through mountain territory with the Eggies Egg Cooker.

Hands-free operation and avoided peeling makes this the perfect way to boil eggs when you need to save time and effort. Have your voice clear to talk to your fellow campers, and make sure where they are.

Consumer Reviews:

“My Eggies: I was having a beach weekend with my boyfriend G and his parents, so I decided to give them a chance to see me at work, reviewing the Eggies. G’s dad was fascinated by the Eggies, so he was my first tester. The eggs went in as they were supposed to, and we waited the allotted time and presto! They came out looking pretty darn tasty. A little bit of the egg leaked out of the side, but nothing too major. Here are some pics of my first Eggies™ (so cute):” – Fineprintlargefont

“I love hard boiled eggs, they are the perfect snack, so I boil and peel at least a dozen eggs every week. I was so excited to see this product because NOBODY likes to peel eggs! Anyway, what they don’t show in the ad is that each Eggie is four pieces. You need to have the Eggie assembled and wipe the inside with oil to create the “non-stick” effect. The water needs to be boiling before you put the eggs in (ouch..splash effect!)and they take longer to cook because the plastic is thicker than an eggshell. The egg comes out squashed and has a rubbery texture. Then you have to wash all of the pieces (they are dishwasher safe). After the free bonus set, I paid about $26 for twelve Eggies and two egg slicers….great idea, needs work to make it worth the trouble ” – Amazon

Conclusion :

For a limited time, you can enjoy keeping the handwork out of cooking hard boiled eggs with the Eggies Egg Cooker. This system looks great re-exploited in your kitchen for its good use, and should have better manual pages written about it. The Eggies Egg Cooker system is small enough to be stored in a drawer, or placed out by the cutting block. Keep track of your Eggies system in the kitchen for your next get together. Arrange levels upon levels of developed eggs faster, and have them cooked and peeled sooner.

There now is no need for peeling at the end of cooking hard boiled eggs with the advent of the wonderful Eggies Egg Cooker. Hard boiled eggs can leave hand scared or burned. Automation is an enjoyable way to recreate old chores that can scar hand tissue. Feel like getting back into the kitchen, and prepare those deviled eggs easier, or any fancy egg recipe.

Take this small gadget around with you tailgating or camping. Store in small places and have enough room for other gear. This Egg boiling system deserves another take, and anyone should be able to enjoy the Eggies Egg Cooker automated system for boiling eggs.