Egglettes Review – A Perfect Guide To Assist Your Buying Decision

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Keeping the health concern in mind, Egglettes are made of high grade and toxin-free silicone and non-stick pod. The set features 6 small egg-shaped cups in which you can cook eggs without any hassle of peeling off the shell and enjoy 6 eggs at one time.

Depending upon your needs, you can cook hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled, and medium-boiled eggs or mini omelette. It works on a simple concept in which you just have to simply crack the egg and pour it into the pod without the shell.

The lid on the top of each egg cup keeps the egg intact into the egglette. You can place it on the stove in the boiling water and cook it. Still, confused whether to buy egglettes as your kitchen item or not? Before making the final decision, let’s have a closure look at its reviews that will solve all your queries.

Health-Friendly Material

Egglettes are crafted by employing high-end technology and using highest grade silicon that is highly safe to use. In addition to this, it is devoid of BPA, lead, and other life-threatening toxins. Therefore, the equipment takes very well care of the health of the individuals by neither posing any harm of health nor contaminating the boiled eggs with stain and odor.

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One Item And Multi-functional Uses

Egglette tool comes equipped with multi-functional purposes which can conveniently be used for cooking a variety of eggs and other things too. If we talk about diversity in eggs, you can cook soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs.

However, it can significantly be used for cooking a myriad of other items like cupcakes, candies, frozen treats, popsicles, egg white, and many other snacks.

Incorporates A Holder


The egglette comes with a simple and good looking holder that holds 6 egg cups at a single time. While cooking, you can place the entire holder unto the stove and cook 6 eggs once without injuring your hands.

Cooks The Eggs In Very Less Time

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Mostly, the time taken by the egglettes to boil the egg depends upon your needs and taste. In general, it takes maximum 15 minutes to hard boil the eggs. For medium boiling, usually, 12 minutes are taken and for soft boil not more than 10 minutes are taken.

To uniformly cook the eggs, firstly wash this cookware item and dry it thoroughly. After that coat the inner area by applying the cooking oil.

Efficient Working

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The lid of the egglettes come with handles that allow the user to safely pull them out from the boiling water. You can even use them in the microwave and freeze it too. Even cleaning them is not at all a tedious task. They are simply dishwasher safe.

On the downside, there are some of the specifications of egglettes which are unlike by the user. Have an inspection at these too.

  • The lid of most of the egglettes is not tight enough which may cause egg spilling

  • Many have complained that inside surface of the egg cup is not that much non-sticky as it should be.

  • After being boiled, they don’t come out nicely shaped. They are usually flat on one side and rounded on another. But, this doesn’t impact the taste.

The Conclusion

Such a great concept of egglette comes at highly affordable pricing. Not only this but also this cookware item is simply versatile and multi-functional in nature. You can cook multiple sizes and types of eggs in an effortless manner. Made up of food-grade silicone, it keeps all the health concerns at bay. It is a must-buy item especially for those who are fitness enthusiasts and hate egg peeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is It Convenient To Cook Eggs In The Egglette?

Ans1. Undoubtedly, egglettes are highly convenient and efficient to use. It works on a very simple concept. One egglette stand comes equipped with 6 egg cups with a lid on the top of each cup. Crack each egg and put it into each cup. Screw the lid tightly and put the cups into the boiling water. However, the best part is that you can enjoy 6 eggs at one time.

Q2. What Precautions Need To Be Taken Before Cooking Eggs In The Egglette?

Ans2. If you want that your eggs are uniformly cooked, you need to ensure few things. Firstly, wash the cookware and dry it thoroughly. After that coat the inside surface with cooking oil to ensure a non-stick coating. This will ease the process of popping the eggs.

Q3. Are Egglettes Meant For Just Cooking The Eggs?

Ans3. Apart from cooking innumerable type of eggs like soft boiled, medium boiled, hard-boiled and egg whites; egglettes can be used for multiple varieties as well. You can cook popsicles, cupcakes, candies, frozen treats, and lot many snacks.

Q4. Is It Safe To Cook In Egglettes?

Ans4. Egglettes are crafted using high-end technology and food-grade silicone that is highly safe to use. Also, the material is free of BPA, lead, and other harmful toxins. Also, it is FDA certified and doesn’t contaminate the boiled eggs with odor and stains. Therefore, you can consider buying them without any giving second thought.

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