Granite Stone Pan Reviews – Is It Any Good?

Many of the people are just switching over from synthetic non-stick cookware to some healthy and greener cookware alternatives. The market is flooded with some cookware brands that are not only healthy but offer oil-free cooking with features such as the non-toxic chemicals in the non-stick cooking.

Yes, the cookware option about which we are talking today is the Granite stone which was earlier known as the Granite Rock. The cookware of Granite stone is constructed from aluminum, with three layers of food-grade granite. This offers superior durability and the high-grade natural mineral non-stick layer assures perfect non-stick cooking.

Though there are various options of cookware offered by Granite Stone but here we are detailing about Granite Stone fry pan. The brand flaunts its being the best non-stick pan of today’s times.

The granite stone pans were formerly known as the granite rock. They are similar and provide non-stick performances. But the latest ones come with more satisfying quality than the older ones. They are scratch-resistant, durable, and safe to use. They work well at high temperatures too other than induction.

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GRANITESTONE 2145 Non-Stick Pan Reviews

Features Of Granite Stone Pan

This comprises of aluminum and granite that ensure longevity, heat conduction, and prevents it from getting deformed.

This is sturdy enough to withstand abuse even if the ingredients of mineral non-stick coating are unknown. The non-stick coating is PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) -free.


The pan can be put to multi-purpose uses and remains suitable for most hobs. You can’t use it for induction as this is not an iron-based construction. If you want to use it then you can fix up by buying an induction disc separately.

You can use the pan for numerous dishes such as pizzas, stir-fries, and steaks. This can withstand temperatures up to 500 F. The cleaning of the pan is also not problematic as this is dishwasher safe, so keep the cooking and cleaning hassle-free.

Since the pan comes with a non-stick coating, still if you wanna flavor your food with some oil or butter then you are free to do so. Avoid using non-stick sprays when you use this pan. The underlying reason is that the sprays tend to burn at a low temp and gives your pan a rusty appearance.


The Granite Stone Pan is pretty comfortable to use as the handle is constructed out of stainless steel. While you cook it remains cool. But while you use your pan in an oven then using an oven-mitt is advisable though.

Size Options

The Granite Stone pan comes in different sizes such as 8-inch, 10-inch, 11-inch, and 12-inch. you can go for one size or can select two depending on your kitchen requirements.


Most of the people who have used this pan have experienced some real good cooking. They could cook a variety of dishes and found the pan easy to use and clean. Enjoying the oil-free cooking was something which the users appreciated.

granite rock cookware reviews

But some of the customers reviewed that they were unable to carry out some dry fry and needed some lubricants like the oil/butter for ensuring that nothing stuck in the pan.

The pan of 12-inch size included a rim of 1-inch, thereby leaving the cooking surface of 11-inches only. Some didn’t like this though.


  • The best part is that this uses aluminum core and layers of granite.

  • This provides exceptional heat retention along with distribution while cooking.

  • This doesn’t get deformed.

  • The pan is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 500F.

  • Comes with a non-stick coating which is PFOA-free.


  • This pan cannot be used for induction purposes.

The Final Words

The ultra-nonstick pan is coated with 3x with premium granite stone mineral. The pan enhances cooking performance and makes flipping and tossing much easier. You get the best bargain for the price you pay due to its impressive features.

The skillet is designed perfectly for modern-day kitchens that demand some healthy and not so oily cooking. This is rated with 4.4 out of 5, is a durable and great option than the other non-stick pans available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Are Granite Coating Pans Safe To Use?

Ans 1. The granite pans of today are made from stainless-steel and topped with a glass coating. Till these are free of chemicals such as PFOA and PTFE they tend to remain considerably safe.

Q 2. Are Non-Stick Pans Ruined By Olive Oil?

Ans 2. These stone pans are designed to offer you the benefits of oil-free cooking but if you are using oil or butter then are safe. But you should ensure that the right temperature is being used while you cook. Since it is olive oil then it should not be used above low heat. Since sometimes you may like to season your dish with some oil.

Q 3. Do These Pans Really Work?

Ans 3. The Granite stone pans are safe and reliable to use. These offer you with healthy benefits and are made without the use of chemicals. They perform similar to the Teflon and this stone cookware is nit responsible for releasing any harmful chemicals while you cook.

Q 4. How I Should Clean My Granite Pan?

Ans 4. You can use a paper towel to wipe your pan. Later on, make use of some dish soap and hot water for cleaning and washing it. Avoid immersing a hot pan in the cold water as cooling it off before you clean is highly important.

As we have mentioned above also, for preventing any build-up, you should avoid using any cooking spray. Using low to moderate heat is recommended with a bit of butter or olive oil.

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