How To Cook Chicken Wings In Air Fryer?

Which would you prefer fast food or mom’s cooking? With the growing dine out culture this is kind of q and a questions you need to ask yourself. No doubt fast food is easy to get but homemade mom’s cooking is enriched with best spices and gives you the real taste of love and flavor which you can never forget. I love mom’s cooking a lot so I am personally going to dedicate this article to my mom who love cooking chicken wings in air fryer on weekend for us.

An air fryer is an innovative and a great invention that is designed to make cooking easy and fun for the people. These air fryers are very easy to use and one can cook healthy and full of nutrition food. The air fryers have made it possible to cook yummy and tasty food in less time and with less effort. You can also control the calories and fats count in your food by using this amazing kitchen tool. In this article, the readers will find an interesting guide on how to cook chicken wings in air fryer? This article also shares some other amazing features of kitchen air fryer gadget.

Hot to cook chicken wings in air fryer

Tips To Cook Delicious Chicken Wings:

Have you just purchased your air fryer from the market? Are you looking to cook something like chicken wings in your air fryer? If yes then this article will help you to understand how to cook chicken wings in air fryer? It is not difficult to use the air fryer to cook or fry the chicken wings. Just follow these simple tips so that you can cook perfectly yummy food for yourself and for your loved ones.

  • Add some oil in the air fryer basket and heat it.
  • Now add the marinated and coated chicken wings in the fryer food basket carefully.
  • Open the fryer and Keep shaking the fryer food basket for time-to-time.
  • Rotate the side of the chicken wings after every 5-10 minutes.
  • Always cook in small batches.
  • Don’t overcrowd or overstuffed the air fryer food basket.
  • Keep spraying the oil on the food.

Follow these simple and easy tricks to cook perfect yummy and delicious food with greater ease, less effort and in less time.

Roast, Grill & Bake:

Generally, people think that they can only fry or cook those recipes in an air fryer that need to be deep fried or shallow fried. But the reality is different. One can also cook several other recipes by using the air fryer. There is no hard and fast rule to cook only such food that involves frying. An air fryer is a highly designed innovative invention that one can use to roast, grill or bake the things. Many tests have been conducted on this kitchen tool to make sure that it can be used for other cooking methods too. And bingo the tests results came out positive. So don’t hesitate to try other cooking methods too.

Recipes That I Can Make In An Air Fryer:

Here are some dishes that you can cook in an air fryer. You can cook yummiest ‘Air Fried Seasoned French Fries, Air Fried Tonkatsu with Ginger Cabbage Slaw, Air Fried Chicken Wings, Crispy Potato Skin Wedges and Cheddar Bacon Croquettes’.

So here after reviewing the amazing facts about the air fryers, it is not wrong to say that this innovative kitchen gadget is a must tool for every kitchen shelf. You can have a look on air fryers with latest technologies which consume less electricity. These air fryers are very handy as well as very cost-effective to use.


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