Is It Okay To Buy Cheap Cookware?

We are often asked our stance on buying cheap cookware.  Discount cookware can definitely be tempting, especially when money is tight.  Just like the old adage says “You get what you pay for”.  If you are looking for cookware that will be durable and last for years to come then you more than likely are not going to find those qualities in a cheap piece of cookware.  However, if you are newly independent, low on money or need something in a quick pinch then here are some tips to follow that will help you make the best decisions in considering cheap cookware.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying cheap cookware is that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean cheaply made cookware.  Often, if you take your time and keep your eyes open you can find cookware sales or discontinued cookware that will enable you to get decent cookware for a cheap price.  Remember, just because a piece of cookware isn’t this years model doesn’t mean it isn’t good cookware.

The Internet is your friend, not only can you find some great ceramic cookware deals online but you can also often find reviews or comments concerning the cookware you are considering.  Remember that if you have questions about a particular brand of cookware you can look it up online to see what other people are saying about it.  Make sure to investigate any health concerns, especially when buying top non-stick cookware.  There are a lot of controversies surrounding the use of certain chemicals in certain types of non-stick cookwares.  No amount of money saved is worth taking risks on your health.

Answer the questions that you would normally want answered when buying cookware.  How does the weight feel.  How thick are the bottoms?  Does it feel sturdy to the touch?  Are the handles attached with rivets or screws?  When buying cheap or discounted cookware you are always going to have to ask yourself if the price of the cookware makes it worth loosing some of the qualities that you usually look for?

Depending on how long you want the cookware to last or how you are going to use the cookware, sometimes it’s okay to go the cheap cookware route.  Just make sure to put the proper consideration into your decision and you are sure to be happy in the end. You need to have the best cookware for your sweet home.