Misen Pan Review

misen carbon steel pan

Introducing The Misen Non-stick Pan

This is surely an essential non-stick pan, redefined with no BS marketing claims and no gimmicks. You just get superior long-lasting performance at a genuine price. This non-stick pan by MISEN is our modest opinion and probably the best value what you will get in a non-stick pan. This is because the performance of this pan is much better than the non-stick pans that cost over $130.

The Weight And Dimensions Of Pan Mentioned Below:


  • Weight: 1.2 lb or 0.5kg

  • Diameter: 8” or 20cm

  • Base : 6” or 15cm

  • Handle length: 7” or 18cm


  • Weight: 2.9lb or 1.3kg

  • Diameter: 11” or 28cm

  • Base: 8” or 20cm

  • Handle length: 9” or 23cm


  • Weight: 3.2lb or 1.5kg

  • Diameter: 12” or 30cm

  • Base: 9” or 23cm

  • Handle length: 9” or 23cm

Why Use Another Pan?

For cooking delicate food and eggs I just love to use a non-stick pan. Though there isn’t any magic fix that all non-stick pans will remain the same their entire life as these are bound to wear off and will eventually start sticking.

misen cookware reviews

Generally, people have two alternatives to buy such as:

  • Low-priced non-stick pans that may last a few months or years at the maximum.

  • Expensive non-stick pans that may last longer.

“Better Pan For Better Value.”

But the fact is they still need to be replaced. As both the options didn’t seem promising so we tried to create something better. The major goal was to create a pan that’s crazily a long-lasting and durable non-stick pan. Furthermore, to sell it for a price that’s economical and fair. We think we had targeted right.

misen non stick review

The Misen Pans Perform And Work Better Than Its Expensive Counterparts, Just At A Fraction Of The Price.

When the purchases are online then the product is sold directly and the expenses of the traditional retail middlemen are cut thereby incredible quality is offered to you at wholesale pricing.

This is undoubtedly a great deal for the users when you get a non-stick pan that performs as good as or better than the expensive ones and that too at an affordable price.


The Misen non-stick system is a perfect combination of two key parts:

  • An industry leading PFOA-Free non-stick coating.

  • An innovative Plasma Primer.

Both these elements work brilliantly to make a non-stick system that’s insanely durable and provides performance that’s long-lasting.

misen nonstick pan review

Durable Plasma Primer

This primer is an essential thing and an overlooked element in making a perfect and ideal non-stick pan.The non-stick coatings are similar to that of painting a wall and like the quality & number of paint layers matter, in the same way, the primer does and the pan is made ready for accepting the paint/coating.

The Primer Layer Is Infused With Titanium And 2.5 Times More Effective Than The Conventional Primers.

In place of using a traditional ‘grit blasting’ primer method the innovative Plasma Primer was used. This is more effective and stretches out abrasion-resistance and hardness of non-stick coatings.

misen cookware review

How We Tested: The Plasma Primer

Initially we were a bit suspicious when we heard about this buzzword- ‘Plasma Primer’. The doubt erupted as we thought that these infomercials and BS non-stick claims (pans will last forever) is a gimmick.

But after much research it appeared rightful and we thought of testing in properly. We then executed a sequence of forced abrasion tests using a low-profile shaking machine to invigorate long-term wear.

Since we tested all sorts of pans such as expensive pans, cheap pans, and ceramic pans but the Misen Non-stick pans outperformed all. Considerably less wear was shown by the Misen pans than the other pans during forced abrasive testing.

misen skillet

PFOA-Free Non-Stick Coating

Another important thing at second place is the non-stick coating of the MISEN. As discussed earlier according to the painting analogy the quality and the number of the layers bring a massive difference in a pan too.

The MISEN uses Dupont’s premier 3-layer Platinum coating.

This is combined with the PFOA-Free coating and Plasma Primer prepares it for long-term release. This makes it to a perfect non-stick finish, scratch-resistant and the ability to withstand abrasive scouring pads and normal metal utensils is enhanced.

Is It Safe To Use A Non-stick Cookware?

When it is about your family, friends, and yourself, safety is a major concern especially when it involves using non-stick pans. PTFE cookware is absolutely safe when put to use, but insanely high temperatures should be avoided.

Versatile Base Promotes Even Heating

The MISEN pan base is a commercial-grade aluminum construction which is 4.2 mm in thickness. The flat design ensures wonderful and even heat distribution while you cook your favorite foods.

Note: The pan bottom comes with a stainless-steel plate that shows compatibility with any heat source. Be it gas, induction, or electric all of them work.


misen reviews

Some of the brands may claim that they are dishwasher safe, but be careful and don’t believe this at all!! Once in a while it is okay to clean them in a dishwasher but overtime they will wear faster.

Stay Cool Ergonomic Handle

It is of potent importance that your pan should feel balanced and comfortable when in use. The MISEN non-stick pan features a cast stainless steel handle. The handle is riveted to the base and this gives it strength, durability, and reliability to last long. For implausible control and comfort, the pan possesses a detachable stay-cool silicone grip with a textured underside.

misen non stick pan

The Design Process

The process involved many kinds of steps such as:

  • Countless sketches

  • Prototypes

  • Testing

  • Cooking enormously and checking the smell too….

We found that the pan turned out to be a truly special one!!!

The Heart Of Misen Lies In Its Design.

Lastly, we can confidently say that all these pans are loaded with amazing qualities that make it one of the safest options for healthy and non-stick cooking. Have a fab experience with these MISEN pans!! These are not less than magic…..

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Can I Remove The Handles Of The Pan?

Ans 1. The answer to this is yes! The pan features high-grade silicone handles that are detachable to aid in an easy clean. It fits perfectly back to your pan eliminating the risks of any mishaps.

Q 2. Can A Cooking Spray Be Used On The Pan?

Ans 2. The aerosol cooking sprays should not be used as they leave a sticky residue on your non-stick pan which could be quite cumbersome to remove. These pans are designed to deliver the best cooking outcomes even without oil and still if you wanna use then vegetable and olive oil are great options (in limited quantity).

Q 3. What Is The Life Span Of A Misen Pan?

Ans 3. It actually depends on how frequently you use the pan along with its quality of the non-stick coating. The frequent use and how it is taken care of is also important which will decide the longevity of the pan. At your disposal, you will 3-5 years of the quality non-stick pan if treated properly.

Q4. Where Can I Store My Misen Pans Safely?

Ans 4. You can stack your pan in deep drawers and cabinets with ease. But ensure that you keep a protective layer between the pans for eliminating the chances of any scratches or damage. You can use paper towels too.

Q5. What Utensil Types Can I Use With This Pan?

Ans5. The MISEN pans have a high wear-resistance and for longevity, we advise you to use wooden utensils or high-grade silicone. The Silicone spatulas are a great option indeed!!

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