T-Fal Signature Non-Stick Saute Pan Reviews

Cookware-solutions.com recently spent some time with this mid-priced Saute Pan in our test kitchen. The following is our initial review of this pan. We will publish a follow up review in the future to let you know how the pan holds up over time.

* Aluminum construction featuring a non-stick coating on both the inside and outside of the pan
* Ergonomic stay cool handle that features a thumb hold and is attached by rivets
* Safe for all utensils including metal (we recommend avoiding sharp metal utensils)
* Not suitable for induction cooktops
* Oven safe to 350 degrees F
* Limited Lifetime Warranty

How Does it Feel?
This is a pretty big pan and it feels a little cumbersome but not so bad that we hated using it. For it’s size it is relatively light and the handle has a nice thumb hold that helps provide a good grip and makes it a little easier to use the pan. The pan feels pretty sturdy due to the handle being riveted to the pan which creates a solid connection between the pan and handle.

How Does it Look?
You probably aren’t going to hang this pan in your kitchen for display however it isn’t a bad looking pan. The non-stick coating that covers the inside and outside of this pan help protect against tarnishing that other pans may show after lengthy use. There are aluminum colored grooved rings made in the bottom of this pan that may show some tarnishing or wear over time. The dark color of the coating on the inside allowed us to see oil swirl more easily than a light colored pan.

How does it Heat?
This pan features what T-fal calls a thermo-spot which is designed to notify you when your pan is preheated. The thermo-spot seemed to work however and did turn solid red when it was ready. The pan took an average time to get pre-heated, we weren’t impressed but we didn’t feel hindered waiting for it to heat up either. This pan didn’t heat quite as evenly as we would have hoped for. The aforementioned grooved rings in the bottom of the pan are supposed to make an even heat base but it seemed to get more hot towards the center of the pan. We also found our self cooking on medium-high when preparing dishes that we normally cook on medium. The handle stays pretty cool during cooking, the thumb hold gets a little warm but not scorching hot.

How Does the Non-stick coating perform?
The non-stick coating worked well. We experienced no problems with food sticking and were able to simply wipe the pan clean with a paper towel after use. The non-stick coating on the bottom of the pan held up well and showed no signs of scratching or deterioration, even after sauteing.

Overall Performance
While cooking dishes we were forced to raise the heat level because the pan wasn’t getting as hot as we expected it to in correlation with the heat settings on the stove. We were forced to raise the heat on several dishes that we prepared because it wouldn’t stay hot enough. This pan didn’t brown as fast as other good pans and this can cause meat to become slightly overcooked.

Clean up was as easy as wiping the pan clean with a paper towel. This pan is dishwasher safe however we recommend hand cleaning since it is so easy. This pan doesn’t require seasoning or any extra maintenance of the like.

Final Thoughts/Recommendations

Overall It’s an okay pan. It didn’t react quite as quickly to heat as we like to see however it was able to get the job done in a satisfactory manor. Due to the construction this pan seems like it will last for a reasonable amount of time. Click here to know more about the best rated nonstick cookware.