The Rise of Ceramic Coated Cookware

When we speak of “ceramics,” we instantly think of “pottery” or clay. Its application now ranges from art to domestic, building and industrial products. That includes tableware and cookware. If we take a look back at history, we could see how the earliest ceramics – pottery – have already been used during ancient times for cooking. Clay, sometimes mixed with other materials is molded into shape and later hardened in the fire. Improvements and enhancements have been introduced over the years until it now found its way to the ceramic coated cookware that we all know and love today.

It is normal for many types of cookware these days to be manufactured with certain coatings to improve their quality and performance. One of the most common problems encountered when cooking is food sticking to the surface of the pots or pans. Technological advancements have introduced various nonstick coatings to minimize the problem. However, there have been issues with some of them. Some aren’t non-stick or, even if they are, it usually does not last.

Teflon was introduced as a nonstick coating for many cookware sets. For a long time, it has gained popularity. However, its usefulness started to get overshadowed by its shortcomings. When subjected to very high temperatures, the Teflon coating emits fumes that have been proven to be harmful to the health. Because of this, many people shifted to other types of cookware, ceramic coated cookware being one of them.

Ceramic coated cookware is glazed, much like how enamel coated cookware is glazed or coated with enamel. Let us break things down to get a clearer view of the many things ceramic cookware sets have to offer

Safe and healthy to use. The health risks associated with Teflon and other nonstick coatings used in other cookware sets have driven people to look for other and safer alternatives. Ceramic cookware sets are considered to be the healthiest options for meal preparation since the clay used is much safer than the other elements or chemicals used in conventional coatings. These conventional coatings mostly make use of the potentially toxic PFOA, or the perfluorooctanoic acid. This is unheard of in the case of ceramic coated cookware, which has also earned the title “green pan” due to being healthy and environment-friendly. Even nutritionists give their thumbs up to ceramic cookware sets and ceramic coated cookware.

Can withstand and retain heat. The ceramic-based nanotechnology used in the nonstick surfaces of ceramic coated cookware provides them with stability even when exposed to extremely high heat or temperatures. Aside from that, it has excellent heat retention properties, making the cooking process easier and faster.

Flake-resistant. Some coatings of other cookware sets tend to break down after the passage of some time, or after being subjected to aggressive or constant use. Not so for ceramic coated cookware. They remain tough and durable even in the face of high heat.

Low maintenance. This is in terms of cleaning. Ceramic coated cookware can be cleaned easily. The glazed surface of ceramic coating cookware can be cleaned with the minimal amount of detergent or mild soap.

Economical. You can have a lot of savings from using ceramic coated cookware. A lot of time is saved because its heat retention feature allows food to cook faster. Compared to other types of cookware, they are more reasonably priced. Since it can be easily cleaned, there are no special chemicals or cleaning materials needed to keep them in top form.

Decorative. Pottery and ceramics have figured greatly in the arts, so it is but natural that its decorative qualities would translate even to ceramic coated cookware. They can also come in a variety of colors and designs that will surely appeal to one’s sensibilities.

Durable and long lasting. Given the right usage and proper maintenance, ceramic cookware sets can serve you for decades and even your children.

Special Points to Note

Some remark on how ceramic coated cookware tends to be quite heavy, and that seems to be their only complaint against this type of cookware. Caution should always be exercised in all kitchen tools and appliances. When you buy your ceramic cookware sets, make sure to go over and read the manufacturer regulations about the cookware you just purchased. Follow the precautions and use them only for what they were meant for. There are some potteries and glazes that are not suitable for food, so it pays to be careful and circumspect.

Health and Convenience in Cooking

Nourishment and health are the primary reasons why people cook food. Combining these with the conveniences of using ceramic coated cookware will be like shooting two birds with one stone, at the same time, actually deriving satisfaction and enjoyment from the whole process. Click on to grab more information on best ceramic cookware reviews.